Chroma Fiber

On the central street of a lovely small town deep in Quebec province – Sainte Agathe des Monts, I was walking, spending time just to enjoy this beautiful village. Few yards from their nice waterfront park I saw a… yarn shop.
On the window display I saw a shawl with amazing colors, deep blue with floating purple stripes and pastel green touches..
That was the beginning of a colorful journey to the world of yarns and fabrics.
Two years later Chroma Fiber was born.
At the beginning it was just me, now we are a team of creative people, enjoying craft, art and passion to create wearable arts.

 We learn as we go, the most important is to enjoy and share our hobby.
Want to be part of that world? Write us! You are more than welcome.

Our online shop is located at: http://www.artfil.ca

For more information about our luxury yarn line visit http://www.artfil.ca/pages/chroma-fiber